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Discovery Black is a travel company that excels in offering luxury and spectacular holidays for its clients.


The task was to create multiple holiday proposals in the form of editorials that would capture the once-in-a-lifetime holiday to be presented to their clients.

In this project illustrations, captivating imagery, and descriptive writing have all been combined to create a publication that will capture the amazing holiday experience that will soon be.


Discovery Black

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Do you know how many days form a habit? Twenty-one. And what do people love to do? Eat.

I Like Food is a publication created to explore the ever-popular habit of eating out. This publication showcases the journey of eating out for a twenty-one-day period while documenting how they felt and what caught their interest at each place. Each place tells its own story and is created in the form of a diary with hand illustrations throughout.

I Like Food_Cover_edited.jpg

I Like Food

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