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Roam Clothing is an apparel store based in New Zealand targeted towards tourists.

Over many years I create illustrations used throughout the shops. When a new store in Kaikoura was opened I was asked to create a t-shirt design to suit.

Kaikoura is a stunning beach town on the South Island. Everyone comes from all over the world to see the iconic sperm whales and to surf the perfect wave.

This t-shirt design ended up being the most popular design for over a year in all stores.


Roam Clothing

Photo 2-06-20, 3 59 05 PM.jpg
Photo 2-06-20, 3 58 01 PM.jpg


NZ Ski is famously known as one of New Zealand's top companies running the ski hills over winter. NZ Ski is home to three different mountains, Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mount Hutt. I had worked alongside NZ Ski for many years helping create designs or re-vamping designs already in their stores.

The task was to illustrate an apparel design for Coronet Peak that was more retro in style to emphasise that it is the oldest ski hill in New Zealand. Coronet Peak is also heavily known for its night skiing adventures and incredible sunset views from the top. These are the two elements I wanted to play with in creating this piece.



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